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Monday, 3 May 2010


Lately I have been doing loads of atcs so i thought i'd show a few..

Also I have done this chip collaged thingamagig .... after mum gave me some of tims older "disstresables" and some stuff i already had.... Alee i used was papers, sissors a glue stick,glossy accents and ideaology stuff :0)

But as well as this i have been pratising my flip ready for filming it for Linda Elbourne, tosay when i was gonna film it BAM! it rains so untill the trampoline dries out ( which should be around 3 if it stops raining) i cant film it :0(
plus i have tests next week and i havent done much revision cos ive been crafting :0)
Well thats all untill it stop raining :0)