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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Been a while! :)

Ahh finally a chance to post :-) everythings been so busy latley,, 1st i had exams ,, then my adorable little nephew,, matthew was born,, then a massive root canal job on my front tooth (which i have  to have more done on today),, then an amazing  holiday,, including a fab workshop with Anneliese doing altered books,, and 7 hours of dance a week,,looking at furniture for my room,, at the mo im finding it difficult to fit everything in,, but tomorrow i promise there will be pictures and what ive been up to,, before i go to the dentist ive been having a major craft session :-) anyway best be off,, see you tomorrow <3 

Monday, 3 May 2010


Lately I have been doing loads of atcs so i thought i'd show a few..

Also I have done this chip collaged thingamagig .... after mum gave me some of tims older "disstresables" and some stuff i already had.... Alee i used was papers, sissors a glue stick,glossy accents and ideaology stuff :0)

But as well as this i have been pratising my flip ready for filming it for Linda Elbourne, tosay when i was gonna film it BAM! it rains so untill the trampoline dries out ( which should be around 3 if it stops raining) i cant film it :0(
plus i have tests next week and i havent done much revision cos ive been crafting :0)
Well thats all untill it stop raining :0)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

2nd wendy vecchi project :0)

After school i was MEGA bored so i did another one of the amazing wendy vecchi's projects. Its one of the ones on the sheet so it's not in the book...
And now i can actually do front flip and stand up (well sort of...) and i will email you a video tomorrow linda elbourne :0)
Well now i have to do some boring maths home work, (this is why i don't do as much craft) :0) but ill try do some more stuff tomorrow :0)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Finished owl :)

Today I did my first Wendy Vecchi project...
And finished off my Owl...

Then just finished off my homework and spent the rest of the day on the trampoline (mostly practising my FRONT flip, cos I can do that and nearly stand up but i cant stand up doing a back flip, Linda Elbourne)
and relaxing  :0) I cant believe how quickly the holidays have gone :O but atleast it was fun :)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I was bored so I went of and had a rumage and came across my chalks.I thought ill go and do some pavement art. A lot of people have no idea what pavement art is or who does it, so i thought this post can be all about pavement art.I started pavement art after playing a game of hopscotch me and my friend thought we should add pics and it just carried on from there. Pavement art is special as it is done in chalk, pubically.The only thing is it only lasts untill it rains because it is done in chalk.Here is the one i did today, its the only one i have ever taken a photo of. I think that more people should start pavement art as if you make a mistake all you need is water and the price of supplies is very cheap.Its really fun to do and is great for anyone who can write, no drawing ability needed!

Also I have been practising my backflip :0)

Well today, I have nothig planned and i'm at home alone at the mo,I thought id go find something crafty to do.I rumaged and rumaged through the bags from ally pally and found some maya road chip board owls, and thought what could i do with one of these? so off i went in to the "studio" and started doing STUFF. In the end this is what I did.

                                                                                          step one: cover it in black acrylic.

Step two: cover in Inka Gold and go over the embossed
bit with a Glaze pen, black.

Now I dont know what to add to it, so if anyone has any ideas please comment!!
After doing this my dad got home. He wasn't very happy cos I got the towell a bit blue :S :0D

Also here is some of my older stuff now my  camera works again...Allof these are workshop pieces so thanks to Linda Elbourne and Linda Brown for doing the classes. :0)

Well im off to town now but ill put some other stuff on later :0)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Some of my older work...

Well I have been asked to show some of my other work that ive done before so off I went to my room to find the other stuff ive done.I actually cant belive how much of it there was! heres the pics anyway (some are a bit blurry)...
 Thanks to Linda Elbourne for the last two as they were workshop pieces :0)

the middle six is one pen pot, and the first four are two big pegs.    I will put some more on but when i wanted to take the pics the camera decides to run out of charge, so i thought i would show some of my holiday pics ffrom when i went skiing last week, in the alps with school.                                       

that was at the end of the week,
we were all sooo tired!!>>>>>>>

My first craft blog

Well I'm Alex and i'm 12 yrs old.Ihave been crafting for as long as i can remember and my mum is the one that got me into it.

Yesterday Ally pally was AMAZING and i spent way too much.But after i was so desperate to start using all the new things i did two things of my own...

Piece one....

Piece two...

Also I was lucky enough to get given two pieces from 2 amazingly talented ladies,Linda Brown and Linda Elbourne from LB crafts...

So what did I buy at ally pally? get ready for a long list

chipboard in all different shapes,

inka gold,

paper soft colour,

my own tim holtz sissors.

new pokey tool (the pokey tool fairy stole mine),



rub ons,

peel offs,

LOADS of embelishments,

and more :)

also i was lucky enough to meet hels sheringdon whose blog i have been reading for ages! Another one of my insperations!

well thats all for now, hope to get some followers :)