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Monday, 12 April 2010

My first craft blog

Well I'm Alex and i'm 12 yrs old.Ihave been crafting for as long as i can remember and my mum is the one that got me into it.

Yesterday Ally pally was AMAZING and i spent way too much.But after i was so desperate to start using all the new things i did two things of my own...

Piece one....

Piece two...

Also I was lucky enough to get given two pieces from 2 amazingly talented ladies,Linda Brown and Linda Elbourne from LB crafts...

So what did I buy at ally pally? get ready for a long list

chipboard in all different shapes,

inka gold,

paper soft colour,

my own tim holtz sissors.

new pokey tool (the pokey tool fairy stole mine),



rub ons,

peel offs,

LOADS of embelishments,

and more :)

also i was lucky enough to meet hels sheringdon whose blog i have been reading for ages! Another one of my insperations!

well thats all for now, hope to get some followers :)


  1. Oh my Alex ... I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that you have a blog ... and such a great one at that ... I am also dead chuffed to be your very first follower ... How cool! You have made some absolutely beautiful art here ... and don't forget to blog some of your older stuff too ... show the world just how clever you are XXX

  2. Wow Alex, what amazing art you make...are you really only 12??? So clever :O)) It was lovely to meet you and your Mum...can't wait see what else you make and I am copying Linda...and wil be your second follower hunny...have a great week...big hugs xx

  3. Thanks to both of you and i'll put some more of my older stuff on in a minute :) thanks again xxxx

  4. Hey Alex,

    It was great to see you and your Mum at the show and I'm so pleased that you were there early enough to get a pin.

    How exciting, your very own blog! I don't want to embarass you now but I have known you since you were itty bitty and have watched you grow into an amazing young lady with endless talents.Your enthusiasm always amazes me and it is such a pleasure to teach you. I will be following your blog to see what you make next.

    Take care sweetie, Lin x

  5. Awww thank you Lin, that means alot! xxx


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