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Monday, 12 April 2010

Some of my older work...

Well I have been asked to show some of my other work that ive done before so off I went to my room to find the other stuff ive done.I actually cant belive how much of it there was! heres the pics anyway (some are a bit blurry)...
 Thanks to Linda Elbourne for the last two as they were workshop pieces :0)

the middle six is one pen pot, and the first four are two big pegs.    I will put some more on but when i wanted to take the pics the camera decides to run out of charge, so i thought i would show some of my holiday pics ffrom when i went skiing last week, in the alps with school.                                       

that was at the end of the week,
we were all sooo tired!!>>>>>>>


  1. It all looks scrummy and the pictures from your Ski trip look fab ... oh and I might have taken the class but you did all the hard work and a great job you made of them too!

  2. AWw thank youu but i couldnt of done them without you


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