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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I was bored so I went of and had a rumage and came across my chalks.I thought ill go and do some pavement art. A lot of people have no idea what pavement art is or who does it, so i thought this post can be all about pavement art.I started pavement art after playing a game of hopscotch me and my friend thought we should add pics and it just carried on from there. Pavement art is special as it is done in chalk, pubically.The only thing is it only lasts untill it rains because it is done in chalk.Here is the one i did today, its the only one i have ever taken a photo of. I think that more people should start pavement art as if you make a mistake all you need is water and the price of supplies is very cheap.Its really fun to do and is great for anyone who can write, no drawing ability needed!

Also I have been practising my backflip :0)

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