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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Well today, I have nothig planned and i'm at home alone at the mo,I thought id go find something crafty to do.I rumaged and rumaged through the bags from ally pally and found some maya road chip board owls, and thought what could i do with one of these? so off i went in to the "studio" and started doing STUFF. In the end this is what I did.

                                                                                          step one: cover it in black acrylic.

Step two: cover in Inka Gold and go over the embossed
bit with a Glaze pen, black.

Now I dont know what to add to it, so if anyone has any ideas please comment!!
After doing this my dad got home. He wasn't very happy cos I got the towell a bit blue :S :0D

Also here is some of my older stuff now my  camera works again...Allof these are workshop pieces so thanks to Linda Elbourne and Linda Brown for doing the classes. :0)

Well im off to town now but ill put some other stuff on later :0)

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